Our Little Secrets-Hard Copy


Our Little Secrets is a book idea that had been floating around in my head for years.  Some of the character names are nods to people I have encountered in my life, and some of the settings are places I visited a lot while I was in a band that performed in the Providence and Newport, Rhode Island areas.  And just so you know, it is…a work of fiction.



Our Little Secrets


John is a musician who is grinding it out trying to make a living in New England. He was raised in a traditional home unit with it’s typical dysfunction. A father with his share of quirks and rules for existing and a mother with her rules and methods of coping. His upbringing, along with some unknown inner damage, created a man with longing and regret and inner voices that aren’t fit for public consumption. Pauline is a typical young woman living in a major city, working for a major company, and getting over a major breakup. Pauline keeps her family life in her rear view mirror and chooses to focus on the here and now. A chance encounter between John and Pauline leads to many questions. The biggest question of all is will she be his paramour or his prey?