John is a musician who is grinding it out trying to make a living in New England. He was raised in a traditional home unit with it's typical dysfunction. A father with his share of quirks and rules for existing and a mother with her rules and methods of coping. His upbringing, along with some unknown inner damage, created a man with longing and regret and inner voices that aren't fit for public consumption. Pauline is a typical young woman living in a major city, working for a major company, and getting over a major breakup. Pauline keeps her family life in her rear view mirror and chooses to focus on the here and now. A chance encounter between John and Pauline leads to many questions. The biggest question of all is will she be his paramour or his prey?

My first book is entitled, OUR LITTLE SECRETS.

Although it is a work of fiction, some of the settings in the book are drawn from my time playing in the band, The Amazing Mudshark.

We spent a lot of time in the Providence and Newport, RI areas during my 4 years with the band.  I, of course, changed the names of the streets and the clubs but I could vividly picture the area as I created the conversations and situations unfolded while I was writing.

The book has all the ingredients to make it an interesting, consuming, and fast read.  Sex, Music and Violence.

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