I started playing bass as a senior in high school.  Armed with a Led Zeppelin tab book, a Berklee College of Music theory book and a crate full of cassettes I studied like a man possessed and within a year I was gigging and teaching lessons.  A handful of years later I opened Kozar Studios.  A complex for recording, rehearsal and lessons.  Since then i've performed and recorded with a ton of great local and regional talent and have been lucky enough to perform at some great venues all over New England. I have released 5 cd's, on which I play Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards and Sing.  Pronounced, Smiling, Defined, Again and just recently HAPPY. Currently I am playing bass in Mica's Groove Train, a contributing member of the band, Bad Nectar, Bassist for Foreside Funk, promoting and performing my own cd, and working on a follow up to my 2019 book, OUR LITTLE SECRETS, which is available at http://WWW.AMAZON.COM. Reach out if you have a project that you'd like to work together on. Til then, take care.   Stacy Bugg