3 by THE AMAZING MUDSHARK. Although not necessarily a “STACY BUGG” project, the work I did with this band live and in the studio is something I am very proud of. The CD was produced by the band and musician extraordinaire, Jim Stinnett.



The Amazing Mudshark was a band featuring Stacy Bugg on Bass, Everett B Pendleton on Guitar and Lead Vocals and Michael P Cahill on Drums.

We entered the Attleboro Guitar Center battle of the bands and the first prize was an indie deal, of sorts. They paid for us to record this CD at Diamond Hill Studios in Cumberland, RI. They took care of all the photos, art design, and duplication. They, along with a big push from the drummer of the band, helped us get airplay on stations like WBRU, and we had multiple articles about us in the Providence Phoenix. I will always have fond memories of this band for not only their friendship, but also for helping my advancement and confidence as a bass player, and for helping to get me out of the NH/MA area and be exposed to stages and crowds in CT, VT, NY and PA. Hopefully you hear in my playing on this CD, the joy i had in making it.