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Over the years I have been blessed to perform with many great musician's in the studio and on stage at places such as Johnny D's in Somerville, The Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, and The Bitter End in NYC. I am very appreciative and thankful to all of those involved in making these opportunities possible.

Like most musician's I am self taught. Over the years I have played in Funk, Pop, Rock, Thrash and Jazz Bands. I've gigged as a drummer, a singer, a guitarist and of course, a bassist.

I started playing in 1988 and five years later in 1993, with some help from Erik Brown and Carol Hayes, I opened Kozar Recording Studio. It was a 2500 sq. ft. space that had 3 rehearsal studios, huge control room, drum booth and a vocal booth I never finished.

After years of playing BASS guitar I taught myself how to play guitar. After a little wood shedding I put together a band called Lamontz Afro.

During the summer of 1998 I locked myself in the studio and started writing, recording, producing and all that other fun stuff for my first CD, PRONOUNCED DAMN! HE'S SEXY. ..Once you see the cover you'll see part of the reason why it's an appropriate title.

Part of my success is an amazing ability to multi-task. While still promoting my cd, running my studio, playing in cover bands, teaching lessons, managing bands, working a day gig and practicing by myself, I happened to answer a bassist wanted ad. The band was The Amazing Mudshark. We swapped cd's and mutually impressed we decided to take a musical journey that lasted 6 years, culminated in 100's of gigs, tons of press and the winning of a recording contract. That contract produced a cd entitled, 3. Due to reasons beyond our control the band called it quits as a full time entity at the end of 2004. However, if you check the tides, once in a while The Amazing Mudshark does surface.

During the final year of the mudshark I once again locked myself in the studio, this time with some help from ProTools, LE. And emerged a few months later with my second CD, SMILING. While Pronounced: focused more on my bass playing, SMILING is meant to be more of an overall picture of who I am both as a person and as a musician.

In the winter of 2006 I decided to take my dog and pony show on the road and landed in sunny Orlando, Florida. While there I recorded and gigged with a band called Kissing Karma. But as luck would have it I headed back up north, back home.

I put out my latest and most critically acclaimed CD, DEFINED in the summer of 2008.  Later that same year I had a scare with thyroid cancer and had to have surgery to remove a growth.  Sadly, anyone who's ever had thyroid surgery can tell you that the surgery kills your singing voice for a while so gigging to promote the cd never happened. 

 The years have passed and i've got my voice back.  I did some gigging with various cover bands, and after a short hiatus to become a C.P.A. 2013 found me gigging as part of the Acoustic Cover Duo, BRAND NEW PENCIL.  On guitar is an old friend, Berklee Alumn Mike Freiburger.  By 2014 Mike quoted Sammy Hagar to me and so we decided that it was time to put away the acoustic guitar and dust off his Marshall stack. We joined up with ex Rude Toys drummer Todd Cantalupo and later added the vocal expertise of Jamie Ireson and we are now, MIKE's ATTIC. Check out the Mike's Attic page for more information.

JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS 2015. I am happy to announce the release of my newest DEMO, entitled, STACY BUGG-Again. The project was created as a jolt to get me off my arse and back onstage. I challenge myself to write, perform, record an entire album during the 9 days I had off from work. It was an extremely creative time marked by an output of 13 songs, 11 of which made it to the final CD. Production should be done by the third week in December, and it'll be available for purchase or download on CDBaby.com. Check it out. That's all for now.

I'm always looking for a band, students and clients for the studio.  Get in touch, maybe I can help.


Stacy Bugg
If you'd like my help achieving any of your musical goals OR if you'd like to purchase any of my 4 available cd's , please contact me.